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We do not just give students an education and experiences that set them up for success in the academic world. We help them succeed in their service to God and Man.

About Our Department

The Education Department of the East Caribbean Conference

We are dedicated to facilitating the provision and support of Seventh-day Adventist Education to early childhood, primary and secondary aged children in its territory.

Our Philosophy

We are preparing our young people for responsible citizenship on this earth and their heavenly home.

Our Core Values

Collaboration, Integrity, Honesty, Diligence, Spiritual Awareness, and Academic excellence

Our Mission

Facilitate every student towards academic excellence in a spiritually charged environment.

Our Vision

Every school well-managed and leading students through a holistic experience.

Our Schools

Spanning across two islands in the Caribbean region; Barbados and Dominica, our department oversees six schools’ academic development and student activities. These are divided into two secondary and four primary level schools. Here they are: 

The Arthur Waldron SDA Academy, formerly The Dominica Seventh-day Adventists Secondary School, operates from its campus at Glanvillia, Portsmouth, in the Commonwealth of Dominica.  It was established in 1980.

The Barbados SDA Secondary School operates from its historically-rich campus, serving its students from the Corner of Dalkieth Road & Brittons Hill, St. Michael, Barbados

The Bridgetown Seventh-day Adventist Primary School is a private, coeducational institution located in Dalkeith, St Michael in Barbados. It is home to approximately 251 students.

The Temple Seventh-day Adventist Primary School in Wesley Village, Dominica, is an amazing school, where a holistic educational experience awaits all students from ages four and a half to 13 years. 

The Western District SDA Primary School caters to children ages 5-13 in the central district of Dominica preparing them for responsible citizenship and to inherit heaven.

The Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Primary School exists to provide a balanced education to the students in the south of Dominica

Our Track Record

Our schools perform at a high level, often placing in the top 5 schools on both islands. Our dedicated staff ensure students receive the best support throughout their academic journey. 

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From the Education Director

Daphney Magloire, PhD

 “God’s mandate for the education of His children transcends every earthly philosophy of education. We cannot improve on God’s plan”