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About Us

Our History

The Education Department of the East Caribbean Conference of Seventh-day Adventists is dedicated to facilitating the provision of Seventh-day Adventist Education to early childhood, primary and secondary aged children in its territory.  Through inspirational instructions and the modelling of Christian teachers, the six co-educational learning institutions provide an unquestionably exceptional brand of learning to persons of all races, creeds and classes, who have demonstrated the willingness to conform to the established Christian standards schools.

The departmental policies and activities drive the dynamism of the six high performing schools that continue to evolve as they position themselves to be on the cutting edge of technology.  These schools make indelible imprints on the landscape of the emerging society.  However, most importantly, they help shape the students’ worldview, prepare them for heaven, provide leadership at the church level while remaining committed to academic excellence.  Besides, the students are trained to inspire their generation to be stalwarts of righteousness and truth.

The 1,154 students are distributed among small manageable classes and are ably supported by 86 Teaching staff.  In their collaborative nurturing community, the students develop their passions, enjoy a sense of accomplishment, develop their true potential, and are trained to contribute meaningfully to society.  Furthermore, small schools create an enviable environment that promotes a strong sense of belonging.  The blended approach to teaching and learning is underpinned by a high-quality educational experience that encourages the students to transform their knowledge into life-long habits.

Our Philosophy

We are preparing our young people for responsible citizenship on this earth and their heavenly home.

Our Mission

Facilitate every student towards academic excellence in a spiritually charged environment.

Our Vision

Every school well-managed and leading students through a holistic experience.

Meet Our Team

Danforth Francis


President of the East Caribbean Conference overseeing the affairs of all departments and providing value-added directives to promote organizational cohesiveness.

Daphney Magloire, PhD

Education Director

Director for the East Caribbean Conference overseeing the affairs of all 6 schools and providing value-added directives for continued development.

Cecile Connell

Secretary to the Education Director

Works in collaboration with the education director of the ECC to ensure objectives are met and plans are followed effectively and efficiently.