Applying has never been this easy

If you would like your child to enrol at one of our Seventh-day Adventist schools in Dominica or Barbados, the steps just got much easier. You can now apply online, and we will forward the applications to your school of choice. We promise to take the utmost care of your child as they learn and develop. We are focusing on changing the world for the better tomorrow, and we’re glad you’ve decided to consider us to share in this mission.

We do not use any special formula to accept students; we review every application.  You can complete registration here in just five minutes.

Top School Performance

Learn, grow and excel through academia whilst broadening your understanding of the world. 

Christ-Centered Learning

Our Seventh-day Adventist Faith stands as the foundational pillar to our student’s holistic development. 

Get Involved

We frequently create opportunities for our kids to take a hands-on approach to community service. 

Meet New Students

Whether at recess, in special clubs, or sports, our students enjoy interacting with each other on a daily basis. 

The Application Process


Pick a School

Select from a list of available schools, the school you would like your child to enrol in.


Tell us about the Student

We’re excited to know your child’s name and information so we can verify and get you started. 


Tell us about the Parents

We place a high value on our parent-teacher relationship. This is our first point of contact for you.  


Assign Tuition & Emergency Contact

Let us know who will cover the expenses of the program and who we should call in case of an emergency.


Your School History

What level of education are you coming to us with? We tailor the learning experience to suit you.


Submit Your Application

Hit send and our school administrators will review your application and respond in no time.