Bridgetown SDA Primary

Bridgetown Seventh-day Adventist Primary School is a Christian co-educational institution that caters to students ranging from ages 3 to 11. There is currently a preschool section attached to the primary school as well.


About Our School

The school exists to create an atmosphere that will foster Christian growth and decision making in our students as they internalize the everlasting principles of God’s word. In cooperation therefore with the home and church, the school seeks to provide training that will prepare each student to appreciate the cultural and scientific advances of the era, to live healthy, successful and productive lives.

The ultimate goal of the school is the same as that of redemption. It aims to restore in students the image of the Creator and to promote the development of body, soul and mind.

We focus on Spiritual Development

Developing a healthy relationship with God through Biblical principles which translate into effective service to mankind.

National Fun Walk

Students take part in this annual activity, as it promotes aspects of our SDA healthy lifestyle, and reinforces our emphasis on family unity. We are regularly placed in the top 2 positions in both the group and individual categories. In 2019, we won first place for the largest registered school.

Day Of Prayer Outreach

Our students and teachers go into the surrounding communities with fruit packages and tracts for distribution to the community members. They also pray with the persons they meet.

Health Week

Students take part in a range of activities that affirm the importance of healthy living. They engage in friendly challenges to make natural healthy juices. There are also obstacle course challenges and novelty races. These activities culminate with Sports Day.

Excellence is never an accident… rather the vision to see the obstacles as opportunities.

Mr. Winslow BennPrincipal