Ebenezer Seventh-day Adventist Primary

Ebenezer S.D.A Primary School provides an environment which focuses on the physical, mental, spiritual and social development of the child.

About Our School

The Ebenezer S.D.A Primary School provides a balanced education to all its students, ensuring that no child is left behind, thus preparing young minds to be able to contribute to society now and shape character for the life that is to come.

Our institution was founded on a strong Christocentric focus. Everyone at the Ebenezer SDA Primary remains dedicated to providing you with an engaging and supportive learning environment.

Additionally, we aim to provide an atmosphere where students will develop a relationship with Christ. Train students to become leaders by involving them in various activities within the school and church environment.


We focus on Spiritual Development

Developing a healthy relationship with God through Biblical principles which translate into effective service to mankind.


Specialized Field Trips

School activities are creating exposure for the children to prepare them for the world of work. 

External Competitions

The School excels in every external competition in which it participates.

Holistic Curriculum

Students are encouraged to develop the whole person, through activities tailored to help them recognise and develop their talents and skills.

I enjoy working with children. Designing instruction that meets the needs of my students and by extension, my community, is my passion.

Ursula Fabien-LesliePrincipal